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Weather Screensaver
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WeatherSaver is latest version uploaded May 31, 2021.   It works with the new 2021 NWS Radar System.

File Name ...... weathersaver.scr
Bytes .......... 1,665,024
Date Modified .. May 31, 2021 - 11:54:42 AM
CRC ............ 906EAD1A
SHA-1 .......... C18A74852438AC32AD7494E58184B00E244F1F3A
SHA-256 ........ 277BE8E93E63D0C0C90BB93A8272DC12DC5A50C5067D2D84B380B498DCB60FE1
MD5 ............ A8984955FF1564148FE5D1486D004D26

If you run the install program, I recommend that you do so as an Administrator on that computer.

The install program weathersaver-setup.exe will copy all the files to your Windows System Folder:

C:\Windows\System32 (on 32-bit Windows)
C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (on 64-bit Windows)

The install program will overwrite any previous version so you are not required to uninstall older versions.

An alternate install method is to download the executable file weathersaver.scr and copy it to your Windows System Folder.

Programs with an .scr extension in these folders, such as weathersaver.scr, are recognized by Windows as screensavers and appear in the Windows list of available screensavers. A desktop shortcut link to weathersaver.scr is also created so you can run weathersaver as a normal program. WeatherSaver is a 32-bit program but also runs fine on 64-bit systems.

Download fullDownload full program with installer (weathersaver-setup.exe) (5.7 megabytes)    

Download exeDownload program only (weathersaver.scr) (1.7 megabytes)    

Download zipDownload program and help in zip file ( (3.1 megabytes)    

Download helpDownload help file only (weathersaver.pdf) (1.7 megabytes)    

Download helpDownload file of radar sites in the USA (sitename.dat) (740 kilobytes)    

The Open SSL Shared Library files (libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll) are no longer required.

A screensaver is actually a real program, but the file extension is .scr instead of the usual .exe found on most program files. This allows Windows to recognize the program as a screensaver when it is placed in the Windows System Folder.

To setup WeatherSaver as your screensaver on Windows 10:

Right-click on the Desktop.


Lock screen.

Screen saver settings.

Then use the "Screen Saver" drop-down box and pick "weathersaver" from the list of screen savers. Then click OK. The "Settings" button brings up the setup screen above. The "Preview" button runs the screensaver in full screen mode.

Earlier versions of Windows may have slightly different steps. You can also change the settings by pressing the C key when the screensaver is running.


If you purchase this program and are not satisfied with it for any reason I will refund your money.

This trial version will operate for 14 days. If you purchase the program I will send you a serial number that will that will enable continued operation with no time limit. Pay once and all future upgrades are free. This demo version is fully functional. No features have been removed. It contains no spyware, no advertising.

The purchase price is $20.00 (Twenty US Dollars). I accept major credit cards, PayPal , or personal checks. Pay once and all future upgrades are free.

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