Work-arounds for Windows Defender SmartScreen

I digitally sign my programs, but you will still see some Windows warning messages when you try to download or run my programs. You can check my signature by looking at the file properties in Windows File Explorer. This is your assurance that the file came from me and was not modified. If even one byte is changed the signature becomes invalid and File Explorer will show it like this.

The download problem happens in Microsoft Edge browser and Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox browser will download my files with no warning messages. Other browsers, such as Google Chrome, may do the same. Even if you get a warning message, you may still have the option to complete the download by fiddling around with the download screen options.

You can temporarily turn off two of the SmartScreen restrictions in order to download and run a program. Click the Start Menu in the lower left corner of Windows main screen, then click Settings, Update & Security, Windows Security, App & browser control, Reputation-based protection settings:

Once you have downloaded the file, you may see this screen when you try to run it for the first time:

Click "More Info" and you will see this screen:

Verify that it says MICHAEL ROBINSON and then click the "Run Anyway" button. You should only have to do this once. From then on the program will run normally with no warning screens.

If you temporarily turned off some SmartScreen warnings, don't forget to turn them back on.