Software by Mike Robinson   
CHEERS!   Blood Alcohol Calculator
Calculate the percentage of alcohol in your blood after drinking 

Cheers 2.3.3 is latest version uploaded Aug 11, 2021.   Digitally Signed by MICHAEL ROBINSON using my purchased Code Signing Certificate.

File Name ...... cheers.exe
Bytes .......... 1,526,496
Time Stamp ..... Aug 11, 2021 - 9:28:16 AM
File CRC ....... 48687FCC
SHA-256 ........ C23B6F8CDA12440C6AF10CE4335666D2278D424ADA428A50F658CEF645FA071E

File Name ...... cheers-setup.exe
Bytes .......... 3,807,080
Time Stamp ..... Aug 11, 2021 - 9:39:35 AM
File CRC ....... 2F71B74C
SHA-256 ........ E224C06B5193D51626EFBBBF3F86F4FA0841A93905A6DEAA5CA2E977509ACF9C

Download fullDownload full program with installer   cheers-setup.exe = 3.9 megabytes

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Download helpDownload help file only   cheers.pdf = 700 kilobytes

If you run the install program, I recommend that you do so as an Administrator on that computer.

Run the program cheers-setup.exe to install the program. The install program will overwrite any previous version so you are not required to uninstall older versions. The install program will create a folder, copy all the files to the folder, and create shortcuts on the desktop.

An alternate install method is to download cheers.exe and copy it to a folder you create for this program.

Cheers is a 32-bit program but also runs fine on 64-bit systems.


Advanced features are only available in the PURCHASED version. The purchased version also has no time limit.

If you purchase this program and are not satisfied with it for any reason I will refund all of your money with no questions asked.

This trial version will operate for 14 days. If you purchase the program I will send you a serial number by email that will enable continued operation with no time limit and enable all the advanced features. Pay once and all future upgrades are free. Your serial number will work with all future versions. This program contains no spyware, and no advertising.

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